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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Two Fridays ago I went to see The Vamps in Barcelona. It was not a normal concert, it was a FanFest. What is this you might wonder? Well, basically to promote their new album (comes out next month) they’re traveling around Europe doing small shows where they sing all the new songs, a mashup of the old ones and answer some fan questions. Such a different and fun kind of show! I love this concept and I think more bands should do it, also the price was way cheaper than normal concerts.

I was so happy to see them again in the same year (I wrote a post about the other concert here). I also went with the same friends and met other fans who were as excited as us to be the there! We saw The Vamps’ tour bus arrive with all their stage equipment and we hoped they'd there too but sadly, they weren’t. However, my friends, the people we met and I took a picture with the bus. It might sound a bit lame but whatever; we did get a few weird looks from other people in the queue but hey we had a laugh, it was fun. 

Other than that nothing much happened in the queue until 3 hours before the show. At 3 pm the band arrived and we ran to the front door of the venue to see them. They didn't stop to say hi to us but they did wave at us on their way in. Back in the queue their cameraman, Dean, filmed us waving like crazy. We hoped it would be in their Spanish fan fests video but it wasn’t. Still a great video though, and we do appear in their arrival to the venue footage! You can watch it below if you want to.
We were all so thrilled when it was time to get inside. We were so close this time and we couldn’t wait any longer to see them perform. Before they came out a DJ played music, which I didn't like at all. I much preferred The Tide (their usual opening act) but they had a show in Madrid the same day so they couldn't be there. I really wanted to see them again but guess I'll have to wait for their own tour.

The Vamps blessed us with 45 minutes of absolute magic. The new songs have a new vibe, a new sound that I loved. In my opinion, their first album is better but that doesn't mean this one is bad, just different! So far I already know the lyrics of a few of the songs just from listening to the videos we filmed. I can't wait to have the album in my hands and listen to it properly.

The energy they have on stage is incredible and they really make you want to jump and dance around. As I said, we were so close which made everything even more special, even if we struggled with people shoving us the whole time. 

The Q&A was very nice and cute. Some questions were more of a one person's personal wish than a question but oh well. I have to admit though that it was thanks to one of the fans that they played a bit of Lovestruck, a song from their previous album. This made me really happy as it’s a song I really like, especially in acoustic. It was also funny because earlier in the queue one of my friends said that back in May she was a bit sad when they didn’t sing that one. You can imagine how happy she was to hear it this time!

We also got to see them better as people weren't moving around and didn't have their hands up. I'm short so people's hands are always a problem to me! Also, not that I didn't know this already but, they are such genuine, humble and loveable people and I just fell in love all over again with them. There were so many special moments during the show and I could go on and talk about those moments and all the things I like about the guys on and off stage but I don't want to bore you all. Basically, it’s just the little things that make these experiences unique.

I also got a bit emotional at one point because they're one of the few bands that I've been listening to right from the start of their career. I found them on youtube thanks to Carrie Fletcher because she tweeted about them all the time so I checked their youtube channel. Back then hey just had 3 covers uploaded, Connor wasn't even in the band! But I already knew they'd be special.
Hope you didn't mind another post of me rambling (and fangirling) about my concert adventures!

Have you ever been to something like a FanFest? Are you going to any concerts soon?
Anna x

PS: I've noticed that most of the pics I've posted are so dark, sorry about that.


  1. FanFest sounds So cool, I wish artists would do that here but they don't! I don't have any concerts planned for the future but I really want to see Ed Sheeran so hopefully he will come near me! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes it is, I hope somebody does one someday near you, such a cool thing :)
      Aw maybe in his next tour or something! I really want to see him live too but guess that for now we'll have to keep watching youtube videos and his movie that just came out I think haha
      Anna x


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