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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Last Friday I went to my first concert of the year. It was Roam’s concert, you might remember them as I mentioned them in a post I wrote last June about All Time Low's concert. This time it was their headline tour and they stopped in Barcelona and Madrid. Obviously, I went to the Barcelona one. I could never have asked for a better night, it was incredible. 
My friends and I arrived at the venue at 1:30h or so before the show. There was no one there! We heard music and we decided to go see where it came from. We found an open door at the side of the venue and we saw the band doing their soundcheck!! We thought it was odd that we were the only ones there and nobody told us to leave but we stayed until they were finished. A while later they came outside and we casually talked with them. It was just us 5, 2 other girls and the 5 guys from the band. It was the most random but amazing thing that has probably ever happened to me. We talked about so many things with them: food (they had an incident with patatas bravas... If by any chance, I doubt it though, you guys read this, I promise next time we will cook you nice bravas lol), the city, school, bands (had to congratulate them since they are playing with Sum41 soon which is so freaking cool) and a few other things... It really felt so good. I had never ever had a proper conversation with a band I love and they were such nice guys. I didn’t talk much because we all know I’m awkward and shy and yeah... But still, I enjoyed just being there, living the moment.

Eventually, they left and we went back to the queue until it was time to get in. We were the first people to get in so we got barricade but since there were many support acts and people crowd surfing we decided to leave and just walk around the place (it was a very small venue) and see the acts from a distance. We went to the merch stand and saw a few guys from the band again. We bought merch (shirts and one of their EPs). I love my shirt so much, one of the guys from the band designed it. Then we got them to sign the EPs for us. Not all the guys at the same time though, it just happened through the night. We saw them quite a few times whilst the other bands performed and just waved or said hi and stuff.
When it was time for Roam to perform we went to the front of the stage. There weren’t many people and it actually felt so good. I prefer this to any super crowded place where you can’t even breathe for a second.
They started playing and it felt amazing. I loved every song, they even played new ones! Their debut album comes out next Friday and it’s called Backbone. I'm honestly so proud of them and can't wait to listen to it. During the concert, the power died and they were so close to continuing in acoustic, they even got the acoustic guitars out, but they solved it a while later. When the power died we just kept singing the song and it was one of the best things ever; the feeling when everyone is singing along together and seeing the band members happy faces is everything. Here's a link to the video about this moment that they posted if you wanna watch it.
Once it ended I felt a bit sad but they said they’d be around and that we could go talk with them again. So we did. We took a few pictures, even though I don’t really like asking for pictures. I feel like I bother them. I have a picture with 3 of them but I look awful. I don’t know why/how I always think I’m smiling but then when I see the picture I look so serious, it’s so weird. So I cropped myself out but they look great so I have to post them haha Despite me worrying about bothering them, they didn’t seem to mind taking pictures and talking with us. As I’ve said, they are such great guys. I just would like to thank them another time for being so good to me and my friends. I smile every time I remember those moments and they instantly make me feel much better.

I didn’t want this to end but I guess all good things come to an end.
Are you going to any concerts this year?
Anna x


  1. This sounds like so much fun, you told me a little about it, but wow. It must've been so nice to just talk to them! They sound so nice! You should definitely do a concert series!
    :) x

    1. Thank you!! YEESS it was and yup they really are so nice :)
      Will do ;)

      Anna x

  2. Gahhhh, I'm still so bummed that I couldn't go! These guys are amazing live and really lovely :(

    Glad you had so much fun!!! <3

    Carmen x

    1. Oh no :( I'm sure you'll see them next time they come though! They'll come back, they love it here hahah They really are ^^
      Aww thanks!!
      Anna x


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