Getting out of a reading slump

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Have you ever spent days, weeks, maybe even months without picking up a book? Or whenever you try to read your mind starts to wander and you can't finish what you started reading?
Well, don't worry. It happens to most, if not all, readers and yes, it sucks. Personally, I'm getting out of a reading slump, slowly, but I am. So I thought, why not write this post and help someone who might be going through a reading slump too? 

1. Start reading an old favourite. Knowing that you will love the book will help you get into the habit of reading again. 

2. Reorganise your bookshelves. I recently organised my books by colour and even if I don't have that many books it looks so beautiful. You know, maybe in the process, you find that book you bought but never read and decide it's finally time to read it!

3. Read shorter books or books that are fast-paced. A shorter book will motivate you to keep reading, seeing a book that has over 500 pages won't help you at all. When you finish reading a short book you actually feel much better! For example, I read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 2 days or so and it was so good! I had never read it, just seen the films. Totally recommend reading it! 

Also, fast-paced books might help too. Books that you can't put down because they have so much action going on or 'feel good-romances'. The Selection series has both things, sort of, and the books aren't that long!
4. Audiobooks. I recently tried this and it does work! You have someone reading to you and you can be doing other things like drawing/painting, walking your dog, cleaning your room...The possibilities are endless. It's perfect! 

5. Set a time and a place to read. Choose a reading place that's comfortable and has good lighting. Make sure there's not much noise around, music is good (if you like that) but people shouting/talking loudly isn't. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, whatever you prefer, light some candles and just start reading. Oh and leave your phone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic devices aside or soon enough you'll find yourself scrolling down Twitter or Instagram...

6. Check out Goodreads or bookstagrams. Reading people's reviews and recommendations on Goodreads can help, there are always new books to discover out there! And why not check people's pretty photos of books on Instagram? It's so aesthetically pleasing, to be honest.

If these don't work, do not force it, you might really just need a break. Forcing yourself to read or liking a book is never good. It's unfair for the book and it doesn't help you at all, trust me.
Eventually, the right book will come around and you will find yourself reading again!

What do you do when you find yourself on a reading slump?
Anna x


  1. I love reading books! Used to read book all the time until school work took up much more of my time! :( I've recently decided to make myself read again (because I want to read - I miss it) and I started with Me before You! I have also gone and bought myself a load of books - especially being away at university meant that I didn't have very many fiction books with me - in the hopes of picking up the pace and reading again!

    Victoria x

    1. That's great!! Yeah school can take a lot of your time and it sucks but I'm glad you're finding the time to read! Hope you enjoy all those books you bought :)
      Anna x


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