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Friday, 11 March 2016

I know most of you are probably thinking 'stop it already with the concerts!!' but at the moment they're the only exciting thing happening in my life so yeah... But don't worry, there's just this one and Halsey's left...for now.
The day after I went to Simple Plan's concert I went to see Against The Current. You may not know who they are so I'm gonna tell you a bit about them. They're from New York, the members are Chrissy Costanza (lead singer), Dan Gow (guitar, vocals) and Will Ferri (drums). They started uploading covers in youtube, they released their first single in 2012, they have two EPs out (plus the acoustic versions of both albums) and they're working on their first album.

I also had VIP for this concert. When we were taken inside of the venue we sat on the floor like they had told us and waited for the band, there were 35 of us maybe less. Then the band came in, talked for a bit and played two songs in acoustic. It was so nice, everyone was so quiet enjoying that moment. So beautiful. They played Paralized (which is my favourite song by them so far) and Running With The Wild Things (which I also love). I wish I could go back in time to that moment.

Then it was time to meet them. So I went up to them and said hi and hugged them (I swear I hugged more people in 2 days than in my whole life lol). I have to say that Chrissy hugs you so tight it's so cute. And you know they said the usual 'it's nice to meet you' and so did I :) Then we got a picture and I asked them if they could record a video saying hi to a friend of mine who was meant to see them in Zaragoza but couldn't because they cancelled it due Chrissy being so ill (she still wasn't recovered in Barcelona and the others were a bit ill too). So they said 'yeah of course' and they were so nice and I'm glad I could do that for my friend. I also loved the fact that I'm just as small as Chrissy like I knew she was small but yeah hahah And she is everything goals, I swear, she is so pretty! Well, basically the three of them are such nice people and I wish I could've talked to them a bit more.
Despite them being ill and not at their best they still put up an amazing show. I loved it and sang every song. Even if I had a sorethroat and after the concert I didn't have any voice left, I could only whisper. Like I also mentioned in the Simple Plan's concert post, when people around me in concerts do not jump and stuff it kinda makes me not do it as well because I feel judged. It's so stupid, I know but it's just how my mind works sometimes. And it happened in this concert, I mean I sang all the songs, I just didn't jump or anything. That's what made me enjoy the show a bit less but I still loved it, they are great live.

They played a few new songs that will be on their first album (it's called In Our Bones and it comes out May 20, a bit of promo) and a bunch of their songs from previous albums. 
There was a special moment during one of the songs, Dreaming Alone. Most of us had a paper with this message: 'Spain isn't dreaming alone anymore' and we held it up towards the end of the song so Chrissy smiled and stopped singing for a moment. I just love these things. Also in this song, she sat down and held people's hands.
I didn't want it to end but oh well, now I just hope they come back soon because I really do wanna see them again live! 

Did you know about this band? Will you listen to them now? Do you like any other bands that aren't very well known?
Anna x

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