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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I've always wanted to spend the holidays abroad. Probably because all of the Christmas movies I've watched. Also, the fact that I follow a lot of people from all over the world doesn't help, everyone posts pictures of how Christmassy everything is around them and I instantly want to visit the place. So here's a list of places I'd like to spend the holidays at.

Edinburgh, Scotland
I've wanted to go to Edinburgh for a really long time, like for years - because a book I read when I was a teen was set there. But this year, watching Zoe's first days of vlogmas made me want to be there at this time of the year. The lights looked amazing and the place to go ice-skating was wonderful!!! What can I say, Edinburgh to me always looks like the perfect place to be but add Christmas themed stuff and well, it's even more perfect.

Lapland, Finland
Honestly, though, what's better than visiting Santa's village at Christmas? I know people that have been there with kids and they say it's amazing. I wouldn't go to see Santa (maybe yes but, you know, not my main priority) but they have REINDEER AND HUSKIES and you can actually go on a sleigh ride and do a lot more fun activities in the snow!!! What else do you want in life???

London, England
Just like I said with Edinburgh, I'd love to be in London any time but c'mon have you seen pictures of the city at Christmas? And what about Winter Wonderland? It seems like it's a lot of fun to go there with friends. I really want to go there at least once in my life. Oh and let's not forget how freaking amazing it would be to go to the Harry Potter Studios! You'd see Hogwarts covered in snow and aaah, seriously just take me there!
New York, USA
I don't care how cliché it sounds. For years, since I was a little kid I've seen it in movies and how beautiful it looks at this time of the year. Again, it looks like there's a lot of fun activities to do (besides all the tourist stuff). Spending New Year's Eve here also looks ideal, not gonna lie. 

Disneyland Paris, France
If you are both a Disney fan and a Christmas lover you'll get why I've put this here. Do I need to say anything else? Those parks are ideal places to go to whenever but at Christmas time they just seem even better! Plus you can also visit Paris, it's a win-win situation. I've mentioned this park but it'd be just as perfect at any other Disney park. The happiest place on Earth at Christmas time? Sign me the f*ck up.

These are just a few places I'd like to visit during the Christmas holidays (not that I don't wanna go when it's not Christmas). I could've also included more cities because hello? Have you seen all the Christmas markets and many other amazing activities? Right. Also, some other cities in the USA or Canada would be fun too. And going somewhere warm and to places where they don't celebrate Christmas would be pretty interesting too!

What places would you like to visit during the holidays?

Anna x


  1. Other than London - as I pretty much spend the majority of my time there anyway - I would love to visit all the other places you have mentioned above! Especially during Christmas! And I agree Zoe's vlogmas made me want to be at the Edinburg Christmas Market too! :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas! :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. Oh you're lucky to be in London often!!! Yay hope you can visit all those places one day!
      Thank you!! Hope you had a great time too :)

      Anna x

  2. I would LOVE to visit all the places you have mentioned during Christmas!!! I feel like it's easy to get in the spirit when you're there. Hopefully we'll get to visit them (yes, all of them) one day!

    Lots of love, Carmen x

    1. I know right! It feels like it's more festive, probably because of the cold and maybe snow (it doesn't snow in my town like ever). YAS hope so!!

      Anna x

  3. I'd definitely love to visit London during Christmas time one day! I can also imagine that New York must be incredibly beautiful that time of the year :) I'll actually be visiting Edinburgh in February, it might not be during the festive season but I'm still very excited about it x


    1. Same, it'd be so perfect! Omg lucky youuu,I hope you have a lovely time whilst your're there!!!


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