13 Good Things

Monday, 30 January 2017

I’m tired of being negative with myself all the time. Like I just can’t deal with it anymore, so instead of complaining about all the bad stuff I wanna focus on the positive things that happen to me. That’s why I’m gonna write a post like this at the end of every month and list a few good things. I choose 13 because you know it’s known as an unlucky/bad number but it’s one of my favourite numbers so I don’t think it’s that bad.
1. Finishing my exams. SO satisfying to say bye to stress.

2.  Passing all the exams with good grades.

3. Ed Sheeran’s new music. Does this really need an explanation?

4. Seeing La La Land. I wrote a review of the movie because I loved it so I’m just gonna say go WATCH IT if you haven’t.

5. Buying the flights for Amsterdam (I’m going in April) so it all feels more real!!

6. Having more time to read and watch tv shows aka 2 of my favourite things.

7. Spending more time with my dog.

8. The Run and Go by Twenty One Pilots played at a store. My face literally lit up and my mood changed instantly, I was so happy. That’s not a song that’s usually on the radio so it was a weird but pleasant surprise.

9. Women’s March. Honestly, I couldn’t go but damn was I proud of everyone that went to any of the ones around the world. So so happy and proud.

10. Carrie Hope Fletcher liked my tweet? It may sound stupid but it made me really happy so who cares? I’ve been watching her for YEARS and she’s one of the nicest persons I know.

11. Again, this may sound stupid and lame but oh well. So I have THE BIGGEST crush on Tom Holland, like I love him, and he’s been posting quite a lot Instagram stories and doing lil live-streams lately and oh man does that make me happy. I don’t know, just hearing what he’s up to makes me happy? Is that weird? Maybe, but I think I don’t really care. I’m such a fangirl ain’t I?

12. Making more friends. Both in uni and on the internet. It just feels great.

13. The sun is finally back. We’ve had very cloudy, cold and dark days for the past week so it feels really good.

I encourage you to think of good things that happened to you this month, even the smallest things count. Even if you think they don’t matter, they do if they make you happy. You don’t have to post it online if you don’t want to, just write them down for yourself, it’ll make you feel better.

Tell me 3 good things that have happened to you lately, I'd love to know :)

Anna x


  1. Loved reading such a positive post, I loved La La Land as well and I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Aw thanks! YAY glad you loved La La Land, I'm obsessed with it haha Hope the weather is better soon!
      Anna x


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