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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Exactly two weeks ago I was having one of the best nights of my life. This concert went straight to my top 5 concerts I've ever been to. Not gonna lie, it didn't have the best of starts for some personal reasons that I won't mention but it definitely ended very very well.

There were 3 support bands: TreehouseKids (a band from Barcelona), Northbound and As It Is. These last two bands are both supporting State Champs on all of their European tour dates. I had never listened to Treehouse kids or Northbound but they were great. The only problem is that I didn't enjoy it that much because I was worried about other stuff; so basically, I ruined it for myself, yay me.

I didn't want to have a bad experience whilst As It Is and State Champs were playing. That's why I tried to convince myself that I was okay and that I should stop worrying so damn much. It sort of worked because when As It Is came on stage I didn't stop singing to the top of my lungs until they were done with their set. I love this band with all my heart. Most of their lyrics mean a lot to me I can relate a lot to them as well. So being able to hear them live was the best feeling in the world. Also, it was their first time playing in Barcelona and it made me so damn happy to be there. I love the energy they have on stage and how Patty interacts with the public. They played a great mix of old song and songs from their new album: Okay. 
State Champs were just as incredible on stage as As It Is. I also gave it all, well almost, I'm still very shy and awkward when it comes to jumping and all that...Anyway, their set was absolutely amazing. They played almost all my favourite songs and the energy was so good. I sang along to every song and just got a bit carried away. I also connect with a lot of their songs and you know those moments when you feel like you belong? Well, I have that feeling whenever I'm at concerts. Even if it gives me anxiety at some point to be around a lot of people, I still feel good because I'm seeing bands that I love and I feel alive when I sing along with everyone. They also played old songs and newer songs from their album Around the World and Back. They also played two songs in acoustic and I'm a sucker for acoustic versions of songs so you could say I was pretty happy about that. I also made a playlist for their setlist so you can have a listen if you feel like it! Let me tell you the setlist is absolute perfection, though some of my favourites aren't on it.

You'd think the night ended right when they finished their set but boy, not even close. A few minutes after the concert had ended, the venue was almost empty. Then, the band members started to come out from the backstage area and talked with everyone that was there. First, I saw Patty from As It Is and he was super nice to everyone, seriously so so sweet. I hugged him and told him how much his lyrics mean to me and how much I enjoy their music. He replied 'thank you, I appreciate it' with the biggest smile on his face and I honestly could've just died right there. We got a picture taken and we both look confused because we didn't know if the picture was taken or not. I should've asked for a selfie but oh well. I'm still pretty happy and I'm smiling so hard just remembering this.
Then I also met Ryan from State Champs. I had to wait a LOT because obviously everyone wanted to talk with him but actually, I didn't mind. Seeing him interact with everyone and being so kind and loving made me extremely happy. When it was my turn I told him I enjoyed the show a lot and that I hope they come back soon, he sort of promised me they would so there's that. Anyway then I asked for a picture and he took my phone for a selfie and he didn't stop moving us both around until we found good lighting so the phone's shadow wouldn't cover our faces. I laughed at this but he was super sweet. Then I hugged him goodbye and reunited with my friends. Oh, by the way, he has a solo project (Speak Low If You Speak Love) and I really recommend you to listen to it, it's very different from State Champs' type of music, it's more acoustic.

We met all of Northbound and chatted with them for a few minutes until the venue staff told everyone to go outside. Once we were outside, we took a picture with them and then Derek from State Champs came. There was a 'free spot' next to me on the fence (we were on the top of a metal staircase) and he just went there. He chatted with a few of us and made sure everyone had a good time. He then said he was sorry he was so smelly and that he should probably go take a shower. Before he left though he said he'd hug us all and he did. Nobody asked for pictures then so it felt wrong to do so but my friends asked him if he could film a video for a friend that wasn't there and he did. Once he was gone we saw Evan (also from State Champs) and we had a very long and deep chat with him. I didn't talk much but just being there was enough for me. We talked about concerts, bands, life, travelling and a bit of politics. I think we spent more than 10 minutes or so talking with him and honestly, he is one of the best guys I've ever met. We also took a photo with him before he left to also take a shower.
After that, we went down the stairs and onto the main street. There were a few people and some band members there too. We stayed there waiting to talk with some band members and maybe take a picture with them. We did see quite a few of them but only said hi since they were all in a rush loading the tour bus and all. Quite a few people stopped Derek though so I took the opportunity and asked him for a picture, he took a few and again, I don't look my best but oh well.
By this point, my mum was desperately texting me that she was so tired of waiting for me in the car and that if I didn't leave right then she'd leave me. So I had to say a quick goodbye to my friends and go. For me, this was the end of one of the best nights I've ever had in my life without any doubt. It didn't have the best of starts but it definitely ended better than I would've hoped.

If you are into pop-punk music, give these guys a chance and listen to them. If you don't like that type of music, I recommend it anyway, I mean they have some acoustic songs (State Champs have an acoustic EP) and I promise you that the lyrics are so good. And if they're ever near you, definitely go see them. They won't disappoint you because they're great at what they do but they're also great people.

Do you like these bands? Have you ever seen them live? What's been your favourite concert?
Anna x

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