Procrastinate like a pro

Monday, 15 May 2017

I think we all like to ignore our duties and instead do things that we enjoy more. Or that seem better than whatever it is we are supposed to do. For example, right now I should be studying for finals instead of writing this post about procrastination. Although, I’ve been studying for hours now so I don’t feel that bad about it... I deserve a break.

Actually, I think procrastination can be good sometimes. It can make you more productive if you choose to do things that motivate you to get shit done afterwards. If you do that then you don’t feel as bad for procrastinating.

 So, here are some of my favourite forms of procrastination:

Especially the study side of tumblr, known as studyblr. It’s a community based around studying (like the name says), and it’s full of helpful posts of all kinds, pictures of pretty notes and stationery, bullet journals and many other very aesthetically pleasing stuff. So it is pretty ideal, especially during exams. I mean, yes you are scrolling down your dashboard for hours reblogging stuff when you probably should be studying BUT it can be extremely motivational. After a 'reblog session' on studyblr I’m all like: ‘okay, Anna, you got this. You go study now and be productive and ace those exams like all these people’. Honestly, the studyblr community is so bloody nice, inspirational and motivational. I highly recommend getting a study based Tumblr; you could have it as a side blog if you have another Tumblr or just create a different one. If you want to see what it's like just type studyblr on Tumblr.

Good old youtube. It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re on Youtube. You start watching one thing and end up watching random videos. Now I don’t watch as many youtubers as I used to and I’m more ‘picky’ about what I watch but when I’m procrastinating I don’t really care. Usually it's vlogs though, apparently, I love living vicariously through other people's lives. But sometimes I also watch educational videos about things I found interesting or conspiracy theories...
Obviously, then there’s Netflix. Watching tv shows is probably what I do most when I procrastinate. Especially if the episodes are 20 minutes long... I mean HOW CAN YOU ONLY WATCH ONE EPISODE? And since I’m studying Translation and Interpreting, watching series in VO counts as studying, right?

Honestly, just doing nothing at all for a while. Sometimes I just sit on the floor with my dog, nothing else. Is that weird? Maybe. I don’t care though (well, future stressed me probably does). More often than not it just happens though. Like I just sit there and chill or maybe I sit in bed and listen to music. Disconnect from all the studying and relax. Then whenever I decide to get back into studying my mind is clearer and I don't feel as exhausted.

It's what I’m doing right now. Whether it’s just for myself or to share it, writing is something I enjoy doing. It’s always more appealing than studying too. And, again, I tell myself that writing will help me improve my English, therefore I may get better grades too. So basically I am sort of being productive whilst procrastinating. It’s a win-win situation, really.

These are just a few things I do. Sometimes I go on walks, other times I scroll through Twitter/Instagram (though, this isn’t very productive) or read blogs. Good luck to you all that also have exams right now!!!

What are your favourite ways of procrastinating?
 Anna x

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