An evening with a band called The Maine

Friday, 13 October 2017

Two weeks ago today I saw The Maine live. Not only did I see them but I also was lucky enough to meet them afterwards. The Maine is a band from Arizona who has been around for 10 years. I personally discovered them in 2011-2012 but didn’t start listening to them properly up until 2015 maybe. And they changed me. Their lyrics, their music really spoke to me and I started learning more about them. They quickly made their way to my heart. I love them so much now I only regret not listening to them more before. Because maybe then I could’ve seen them live when they came here a few years ago.

They released a new album in April this year, Lovely Little Lonely, a beautiful album. So, it was obvious that they’d go on tour. I didn’t expect them to come here but they did so I obviously HAD to get a ticket. Carry on reading if you want to know all about the concert.
I got to the venue one hour before doors opened. Waiting alone was tough but I managed and the hour passed quite quickly. Once they let us in and I left my bad in the cloakroom, I decided to buy some merch. I had already planned to buy merch but my bank account is still crying, so am I. I wanted everything but I decided to go for the only black items they had because you know #branding, I’m kidding lol.  I got the black t-shirt with the band logo on the front and a quote on the back and I also bought the sweatshirt with a rose on the front (the logo of one of their new songs called Bad Behavior), three roses on one sleeve and the band’s name written on the other sleeve. I would have loved to get a white t-shirt that features a doodle on the front and the tour dates on the back but decided against it. Also, the main reason I decided to get merch before the concert is because last time I waited until the end all they had left were L sizes and I’m smol so I didn’t want to risk it this time.

Then I went to the concert room which wasn’t that full yet. I found a good spot near the front/middle, 6-7th row maybe, and stood there. It still took a while before the support bands played and I felt a bit anxious but I texted friends and got through it. Eventually, the first support band, The Technicolors, came on stage and started playing. I hadn’t heard them before, and if I had I couldn’t remember, but they put on a great set. I enjoyed their music and their onstage energy. The second support band, Night Riots, had a completely different vibe and sound. I hadn’t heard them before either but they also did really good.
After that, obviously, it was time for The Maine to start their set. I actually couldn’t believe they were actually there. Like always, it took me a while to let loose and have fun but everything was perfect. I was there singing at the top of my lungs to some of my all-time favourite songs seeing one of my all time favourite bands so I couldn’t really ask for more, to be honest. Their live is amazing and they make you feel good. The energy they give away is beyond great.

They mostly played songs from their last two albums, Lovely Little Lonely and American Candy. But they included a fair amount of songs from previous albums, mostly hit songs. That’s not bad though, I love all those songs as well; I just missed other oldies. I’m not gonna go into detail about each song they played because I feel that’s not something you’d enjoy reading? But I’m gonna write lyrics from each song they played and link you to the studio and acoustic versions (if there are any) so you can listen to them!
Black Butterflies & Dej√† Vu – “what would you say if you could say anything you wanted to, to the one you needed to?” (acoustic - studio)
Am I pretty? – “there’s beauty and grace in the flaws of your face” (acoustic - studio)
Like We Did (Windows Down) – “you were dancing to your favourite song and all my friends oh they were singing along” // take me to the time when things were fine, it’s all broken now. But always keeps in mind, things are fine and we’ll figure it out” (acoustic - studio)
(Un) Lost – “the world is ours but for a flash, and you are not allowed to be anybody else. Control what you can, confront what you can’t, and always remember how lucky you are to have yourself” (studio)
My Heroine – “I'm feeling pretty lonely baby so just let me in” (acoustic - studio)
Miles Away – “at the moment any place I go is beautiful because in my mind I am miles and miles away” (acoustic - studio
English Girls – “it's getting late and we don't have much to lose” (acoustic - studio)
How do you feel? – “you are alive but are you living?” // “you’re not alone in how you’re feeling” (studio)
Taxi – “is the sadness everlasting? (...) love, I think it is” // “I can’t say that I can make you feel complete or free from your worry but believe me when I tell you ‘babe, you’ll never be lonely’” (acoustic - studio)
Waiting For My Sun To Shine – “I said to myself, ‘Sometimes you've got to let go’” // "strength will find you sooner than you ever thought it would" (live studio - studio)
Right Girl – “oh god I did the wrong thing, to the right girl" (acoustic - studio)
Take Me Dancing – “if you're feeling dead, you got to try to find a way to be alive" // “oh you're not alone, you still have a home, no matter what you do, I'm still proud of you” (acoustic - studio)
Girls Do What They Want – “girls do what they want, boys do what they can” (studio)
Diet Soda Society - “to be honest I am full of shit but that's alright because everyone else that I know is” (studio)
Do You Remember? (the other half of 23) – “do you remember the days we were golden, we would surrender to just letting go” (studio)
Bad Behavior – “you’re insecure but don’t be, stay soft but don’t be gentle” (acoustic - studio)
Another Night On Mars – “what's another night on Mars? with friends like ours anywhere is home” // “this one goes out to my closest friends, the ones who make me feel less alien, I do not think I would be here if not for them” (studio)

Whilst singing along to the last bit of Another Night On Mars, which is always emotional because it’s only the band and the public singing, without music, I was already missing the whole concert. I knew how much I’d miss that moment. However, the night was far from over.
I went outside and waited until my friends came up to meet me. Then we waited together until The Maine came out to meet everyone there. First one out was Pat, he is such a sunshine. He took his time with everyone and when he came up to us we talked for a bit and I told him it was my first time seeing them and how special they were. Then we took a picture, he signed my ticket and he hugged me and then we took a picture together. I forgot to show him (and the others) a lil painting I had done but whatever, just meeting them and thanking them for coming was enough. It was a while until the rest of the band came outside.

After Pat, I met Kennedy, I basically had almost the same conversation with him than I did with Pat. Only different thing is that, of course, me being the awkward human that I am I had to drop my bag, and since it was quite crowded around me and I could barely move, Kennedy picked it up for me (because there was a fence between us and the band and he could move), it was so sweet.

The next two were Jared and Garrett. Before Jared came up to us, Garrett said hi and smiled at us but since most of the band was in our area, he said he’d first go to the left side to meet other people. Then Jared came by and again, we talked about how it was my first time seeing them and that I really enjoyed it. This time my friends said they wished, they had played some other songs and we had a small conversation with him about that and about how they’ll try to include other songs when they see us again. They promised it wouldn’t take them as long to come back this time. I hope that’s true because it’s been two weeks and I miss them like crazy already.
After that, we saw that John had jumped to the other side of the fence so we went there because he wouldn’t come to us. Of course, since he is the lead singer it was way more crowded there… I waited for ages to meet him but after years waiting a little bit more wouldn’t hurt me. I was lost for words and I just said how much they’ve helped me with my anxiety (actually saying that in front of people gave me anxiety because everyone could hear and it was a little bit uncomfortable but whatever). I also asked him to write down some lyrics for me to get tattooed. I chose lyrics from (un)lost. The ones I wrote down earlier: “control what you can, confront what you can’t.” Because, like I’ve said, I have anxiety and I bloody overthink everything. I try to control as many things as I can so nothing is unexpected and I don’t have to feel anxious. But that sucks, I can’t control everything and it takes up a lot of energy. And I’m tired of that, so I always repeat to myself those lyrics.

Also, the song is one of my favourites by them. You know, the theme of the song is being yourself. Being who you want to be and not who others want you to be. It’s about not wanting anybody to save you, about wanting to find oneself without others telling you who you have to be, what you can or cannot like, etc. Also about learning how to cope with life being hard because it doesn’t get easier but you can get through it. Taking risks even if there’s a risk of failure because we can’t grow without failure.

The specific lyrics I chose is just that, I just have to control and make mine the things I can actually control, but the things that I can’t control, I just have to confront them, deal with them and accept them as they are.
Anyway, I don’t wanna get any more deep lol but yeah. They are a very inspiring band. Not just with they lyrics but as individuals. They are very encouraging and inspirational. I personally wait every single day for John’s daily tweet, which again, it’s usually meaningful. We actually had a conversation about that, well I didn’t say anything, only I loved the tweets, but he said that if he doesn’t come up with them himself, he usually finds them in books or songs. And he said he’s doing something cool with them, he told us what it was, sort of, and that it wouldn’t take too long for us to know for sure but since I don’t know if I can talk about it or not, I’m not gonna say what it is.

Back to the story, I asked him for the tattoo, he wrote it down. I’m not too sure I like the handwriting because the pen I gave him was too thin but I’ll try to fix it and clean it up before I get it on my body forever lol. Then I asked for a hug and it was very comforting. And we took a picture, which if you follow me on twitter you’d have already seen since it’s my profile picture. I really don’t like how I look and I’ll change it soon but whatever. Fun fact for you, in that picture you can clearly see how John is a head taller than me but what you wouldn’t know is that he actually had to bend down a little bit!! I told y’all, I am that small!!! Well, he is really told but still, I’m a smol bean.

That’s pretty much how the night ended. I said by to John, he hugged me again. My friends got their picture and we left. We didn’t end up seeing Garrett again which is sad but I can’t complain or ask for more really. I’ll see them again, I’m sure of that. My mum was waiting in the car right in front of the tour bus and we waited there for a while, because I didn’t actually want to leave but obviously we had to. I mean it was almost 2am. So yeah, that’s my Friday night two weeks ago for you. I’m sure I’ll remember it forever and I’m so grateful for everything. I can't properly put into words how much this band means to me but hopefully, it came across with this long ass post. I hope you listen to them, because they are such a good band and they're also good people. 

Do you like/know The Maine? If not, will you give them a chance?
What's the best concert you've ever been too?
Anna x
PS. thank you if you've read the whole post, I know it was long.

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