Summer memories: holiday to Andorra

Monday, 23 October 2017

It’s October so it’s probably a bit late to upload a summer holiday post. However, I’m still gonna do it, I don’t wanna let all the photos I took go to waste, you know. And also, I love a good old photo diary!

So in August, I went to Andorra and visited some beautiful places. The first one was the Engolasters Lake. You can get there by car but you’ll have to go on a little hike to actually get to the lake. The day we went there was so sunny and warm and there were lots of families just chilling or hiking. The landscape was beautiful and I got to see some pretty butterflies and a very cute doggo so you know, day made.

That same day we visited a viewpoint called Roc del Quer. You can also get there by car and then the actual viewpoint is just a few meters away. The view from there was truly amazing. The valley looked beautiful from up there. We stayed there for a while and then before going back to the apartment, we paid a quick visit to the Basilica-Sanctuary of Meritxell, which is in a small town near the viewpoint. Actually, Andorra is full of small towns and places that are just a few minutes away from each other so it’s so easy to get from one place to the other.

One day we visited some small towns and walked around the shopping area, which is close to Caldea (spa), in Andorra La Vella. There were some sculptures scattered around the main town streets as part of some exhibit. They were sweets but the wrapping was painted as some countries flags. I wish I could’ve seen the full exhibit but it was quite cool to find these whilst you were walking around.

On our last full day, we went on the Ruta del Ferro (Iron Route). It’s basically a walking route on the mountains and there are big ass iron figures along the way. I thought one of them looked like Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast and nobody can convince me otherwise. There was also a tree that looked like the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter. I’m such a fangirl, yes. Anyway, after doing the route we went to an actual iron mine. It’s not active nowadays but you can visit it which is quite cool!

That’s pretty much all the fun stuff we did. I mean, I had chill days where I read and wrote in my journal but that’s about it. My favourite thing from these holidays, besides the beautiful places we visited, was that the weather felt like Autumn, most days were windy and chilly but also sunny aka the perfect weather.
Did you go away this past summer?

Anna x

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