Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Some days I wake up and think: “well today is going to suck”. And the truth is, more often than not, they aren’t THAT bad. I was just wondering about this the other day. I mean, we can actually choose what we do every day and we get to choose our attitude towards the things that happen to us. So, how many good days could we have if we didn’t tell ourselves “today is going to be a bad day” as soon as we wake up?

Okay, we cannot choose what things happen to us during the day but we can choose how we feel about them. For example, one day I woke up feeling awful and then my train to uni was delayed for like 30 minutes and I was SO pissed. It also didn’t help that it was Tuesday, which is my worst and longest day in uni this semester, and that I had already told myself that day would suck. Or that I had already stepped on a rain puddle. Or that it looked like it would rain again and I hadn’t brought an umbrella with me. 

BUT, even if I was pissed, there was nothing I could do about the circumstances I was in, I couldn’t make the train get there any quicker so I just had to wait. And whilst I waited I just told myself that perhaps I should try to be positive about it. I could get some reading done. I always complain that I don’t have time to read and time is what I had just been ‘given’, so that’s what I did. I’m really enjoying this book I’m reading so waiting wasn’t all that bad and I realised I just got mad for nothing.
And uni wasn’t all that bad either, I had to be alone because my friend was sick, which sucks but I got through it. I got some homework done during my lunch break, I talked with people I had never talked with before (who even am I?) and we watched a tv show in class, how good is that? I wanted to slap my 6am self for complaining so much but also thank her for actually making the effort to get out of bed that morning.

So, even if most days it takes a lot in me to get out of bed and even if my first thought is that it’s going to be a bad day, I just make the effort and jump out of bed. I just need to start being more positive about my days, because probably things won’t be as bad as I think they’ll be. Even if my overthinking mind tries to trick me.

Honestly, I think we all should be a bit more like Evan Hansen —from the musical Dear Evan Hansen— and repeat this to ourselves every single morning:

“Dear *your name*,
Today is going to be a good day
and here’s why: because today,
today at least you’re you
and that’s enough.”

Do you tell yourselves you’re going to have a bad day as soon as you wake up?

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