My main goal this summer

Saturday, 4 August 2018

I feel like I’ve ‘wasted’ my first month of summer holidays because I haven’t done anything that’s commonly viewed as ‘fun’. I mean I’ve done things that are fun for me and I know that’s what truly matters but my fucked up brain can’t help but compare my summer to other people’s summers, or the image they portray on social media anyway, even though I know that it isn’t always truthful. That’s why it irritates me so much that a part of me keeps making me feel this way because I know other people's lives aren't perfect either but I still compare my life to theirs.

Anyway, that being said, and as you can see by the title of this post, I’m gonna talk about my main goal this summer. And that is to stop wanting to control EVERYTHING. I want to do things and allow myself to enjoy them without worrying. I know it’s gonna be SO hard and it’s gonna take SO much in me (and a few talks with myself) to get to that point but I really want to get there. I don’t know if I will, I don’t know if I’ll completely let myself go but I just really want to try to be more myself outside of my house.

I also have some slightly 'smaller' goals I want to achieve before going back to uni:

  • Less screen time and reading more. Mainly I want to stop mindlessly scrolling down my social media just for the sake of it. I could use that time to get through my huge TBR list instead, for example...

  • Start blogging consistently again, without caring what others might think about it and my writing. This is gonna be hard.

  • Just challenge myself a bit and do things I normally wouldn’t do, even if they are super small things that would seem 'normal' to other people.

I’m not gonna go crazy and set a lot of goals because if I do, I know I won’t get there and the ones I’ve said are more ‘personal’ aka they require A LOT of effort from my part. I will try to accomplish them but I’ve also told myself that it’s okay if I don’t get there or if I only get there a little bit. Because small progress is still progress and I should be proud of that.

What are your goals this summer?

Anna x

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